There comes a time in every business when the services of a quality assurance specialist would be required. Are you currently at that stage or have you been hearing about quality assurance, testing & certification and wondering what it is about and how it could help your business? Well, grab your coffee as this write-up tends to give precise details which addresses your concerns. This could be a determinant to your business’ next level.

What is Quality Assurance (QA)

In a layman’s term, QA simply is the certifying of a particular product or services to meet certain specified standards. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines it as a program for systematic monitoring and evaluation of the various aspects of a project, service, or facility to assure that standards of quality are been met.

What is Quality Testing

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This is referring to the process one subjects the product, services, tools, or project to in ascertaining its durability or compliance with set standards and in determining its suitability for use or dissemination to the public.
Therefore, QA outsourcing requires engaging the services of a third party to take up the responsibility of certifying, ascertaining, testing, verifying that certain required standards have been upheld and complied with in the creating of, manufacturing, producing, delivery of services, products, projects etc.
People who are engaged to deliver such services are fondly called Quality Assurance officers / specialist /analyst, depending on qualifications and experience.

Why businesses need Quality Assurance Specialist / Professionals

Below is a list of reasons why businesses need QA personnel
I. To uphold set standards expected of your product, services or businesses in your industry
II. To boost and maintain a company’s credibility
III. To gain the confidence and trust of customers
IV. To improve the company’s work processes and efficiency
V. To keep up with competitors
All of the above stated will ensure you have returning customers and referrals thereby increasing the bottom line.

5 soft skills a QA specialist should possess and level of experience

5 soft skills a QA specialist should possess and level of experience
A QA specialist is required to possess general (relates to the functional industry) and specific skill set to successfully function and deliver on task. Below are general skills required;
• Ability to give keen attention to details
• Ability to multitask
• A problem solver and an analyst
• Ability to research and keep up with Quality standards
• Effective communication (verbally or written)
In engaging the services of a QA specialist, one important thing to note is the funds allocated to such services. this will guide in your hiring process and help determine the level of experience your business can accommodate. Whether you are hiring a junior QA or an expert, it is expected that the above stated skills be evident in them. Bear in mind however that the longer a person has been in a QA role, the more profound they are as they have seen and resolved a lot of situations.
In Nigeria, you have a range of options suitably experienced Quality Assurance Specialist and Analyst who are prepared to support businesses in refining your processes and deliverables. Therefore, if you are scouting for the best fit outsourced QA specialist, you’ve found yourself in the right space.

How can I get the services of Quality Assurance Specialists?

OUTSOURCE IT. Quality Assurance Outsourcing.
We cannot overemphasize the huge benefits that comes with outsourcing. Outsourcing QA is not any different. Outsourcing both to on and offshore quality control specialists will increase your business margin.
Engaging our services for a QA personnel
Truth be told, every business needs the services of a quality assurance expert.

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