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Keys to Success


Understand Your Remote Team

Having a remote team is a great way to extend your trade faster and save on expenses. However, to ensure it works you’ll need to invest heavily. It’s not a ‘set and overlook’ solution. It’s important to communicate with, invest, train and mentor your team consistently. This will improve the quality of services for both your team and your clients and also boost your ROI.


Treat Your Remote Staff As You Treat Your Walk-In Staff

A remote team is a very vital part of your business, consisting of humans. This is quite similar to your walk-in crew; your remote team performs better when they have excellent active connections accompanying their associates and managers. So be sure to create a great connection with them.
This will help:
      (1) Bring all your ideas to life.
      (2) Make your remote team feel seen.
      (3) Work better towards your client’s aims.
      (4) Develop a rapport accompanying your local walk-in the staff.
      (5) Be more satisfied and more productive in their functions.


Equip Your Teammates

Because your remote is very vital to your business. You need to equip them with the immense knowledge, skills, and attitude they’ll need to fill roles assigned to them, for the growth of the company. It’s also vital for your team to understand the importance of these skills, and how it’s of great importance to their brands.

The best way to do this is to dedicate two professionals to your remote team so there’s a bond between your remote and walk-in teams. This will give the illusion that both teams are working in the same location.


Ensure To Pay Your Remote Team Constant Visits

Regularly visiting your remote team is very important, as it helps you monitor and guide what your remote team does, also helps you get up close and personal with your team. It makes business discussions easier. If your offshore team understands who they’re working with, and more importantly why, they’ll deliver far better service quality and results.

Sometimes having bad communication with your remote staff, it might be a bit harder to know the weakness or strength of your teammate, but constant physical visits and communications, helps you know your remote team better, for instance;
      (1) Who is doing a great job.
      (2) Who isn’t working up to par.
      (3) Who needs to be replaced and lot more...
Having a clear scheme will help your team do their work efficiently and you’ll visualize a great return on your investment through:

Better Workfore

Clear Key Profit Indidcator

Realistic annual, monthly and weekly goals

Constant Learning

Improvement in customer service

TeamSource has a great deal of experience in this field as we help build profitable partnerships with our clients and identify opportunities where we can help them scale. There are no limitations in terms of the industries we can assist, as we employ and upskill our teams based on the customized requirements of our partner clients.

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