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The global market grows more competitive each day. This is largely due to the role of new technologies in the changing business environment. This in turns making businesses to cut costs wherever and however they can.

Before you outsource your back office operations, you need to have a plan for what you are targeting. Are you looking to grow your business? Do you have plans to expand internationally?

Consider these questions and more when you choose an outsourcing company. You’ll want to find one who can work with you as your needs change over time.

2016 ADBI report shows some common challenges among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) include:
• Lack of financial knowledge and quality talent.
• Inadequate networks contributing to slow expansion.
• Higher transaction costs than large corporations.
• Insufficient entrepreneurial spirit and resources.

How can we overcome these challenges? Outsourcing your back office easily answers this.

Talent and Technology

Considering outsourcing to us gives you access to trained staff with the necessary expertise required to achieve high results. And instead of having to purchase and maintain new software and hardware, we will cover your technological needs.


Cost savings lay the foundation for you to reinvest your time and budget into other important areas, while increased freedom to focus on core components further drives growth. Our Catalog covers:
Brand Developer
Social Media Manager
Digital Marketer
CRM Administrator
Virtual Assistant
Graphics & Brand Designer
Data Entry Specialist
Payroll Administrator
Data Analyst
Sales support
CAD Designer
SEO Specialist
Content Manager
Order Processing Manager

Data Management

From Data entry, given its monotonous nature, it should come as no surprise that data entry is a popular candidate for back office outsourcing. Granted, it can involve some complicated tasks, such as when information needs to be researched, identified and interpreted. We have qualified candidates to handle your data, well experienced in Data Conversion and Document Digitization, Document Indexing and Archiving Services, Data Processing, analysis and representation.

Payroll Management

In payroll, calculation errors and lack of concentration are usually caused by having a lack of expertise in the payroll practice. Over the years, we have seen companies creating a special unit/department to abode the finance team. We are here for you because we focus on a specific job required by the client. Also, proper training is given to the talents staff to gain better expertise and skills. When payroll activities are outsourced, businesses can avoid payroll tax and, at the same time, prevent human error. This factor gives a guarantee of a correct and on-time salary to employees without any form of familiarity.

Office Administration/Operations

Businesses can choose whether to outsource their entire HR department or just specific processes. This helps to improve staff satisfaction and streamline operations by letting up precious time. Internal admins will have more to cover on the tasks that require their individual knowledge. Additionally, considering outsourcing of your secretarial function is a good idea. It can save space and significantly reduce your running costs. We deliver services such as arranging schedules, confirming appointments, answering emails and other duties remotely.

Digital Marketing

It is no more news that either a startup, small business, or a conglomerate all know the value of marketing their brand. However, doing so is time-consuming. Our marketing team will strategize and execute marketing plans across all possible channels, while giving the business an opportunity to concentrate on their main functions. Moreover, businesses can rest assured, knowing that their marketing strategies and implementation are produced by experts. We intend to lighten your in-house team’s workload and set sights on the more critical aspects of the business.

Transcription/Content Management

Unarguably, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc) are playing crucial role in business today. Conversion of audio and video files into written format is for many businesses a necessary task. Instead of burdening internal staff with the time-draining task, why not considering TeamSource by sending the material to us. This can help you avoid having to hire someone just to type the document. We have experienced content creator and content managers not just to create but to help manage everywhere the contents are to be posted.

Customer Support

It is important to hire dedicated customer support experts who will learn all about your business and sound just like your in-house staff. Our customer support agents will respond to your customers’ inbound requests. We will provide your customers with all the information they need about the company, product, or service you provide, as well as the benefits of your company and the discounts you provide.
TeamSource will help you achieve the following goals handling the complaint management process:
Customer satisfaction: We will reduce customer dissatisfaction and ideally even strengthen customer loyalty.
Quality assurance: We will help you improve the product or service through complaint management when customer feedback reaches the right departments.

Bookkeeping and Taxes

One cannot question how important the roles could be and certainly how time-suck they are. These also require the highest level of accuracy and proficiency to stay clear of costly errors and comply with regulatory standards. However, managing the function in-house also comes with other expenses, including the cost of software like Quickbooks, Sage, Peachtree and other platforms that only get more expensive as your needs grow larger. TeamSource can provide a range of bookkeeping services, including:
(1) Tax returns
(2) Cash flow statements
(3) Annual accounts
(4) VAT and liability reports
(5) Transaction entry
(6) Income statements
(7) Bank account and card reconciliation
(8) Accounts payable reports
(9) Ledger maintenance

Transaction Processing & Order Management Services

We intend to make you have more time on your crucial work while we care about the whole back-office processes. Have you thought of having an outsourcing provider that will manage all your order processes from Request down to payment?
Purchase Order Processing Services: Our experienced team handles you Request-to-Purchase (R2P), Procure-to-Purchase (P2P) while our,
Billing and Invoicing Services: cater for Purchase-to-Invoice (P2I), Order-to-Cash (O2C) and Record-to-Report (R2R).

Retail and eCommerce

The convenience experienced while transacting online has completely changed consumers’ behavior resulting to most company’s prospective clients on the internet. For businesses, this trend means endless growth opportunities that you can maximize by leveraging an eCommerce website to operate 24 hours every day, and serve customers without wall limitations.

However, running an online business is as good as overseeing physical locations. The accessibility of digital technology also opens a free-for-all market, resulting in extremely tight competition. Additionally, the eCommerce industry also breeds new types of consumers with a very high regard for user experience. Good news, you partner with TeamSource to make your brand one of the industry’s best.

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