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High-performing engineers deserve to work with the best companies irrespective of geographical location. Give your tech career a boost while working on innovative projects and earning a great salary.

Outsourcing Models

Businesses that outsource find a real-time difference in the time and resources banked through back-office outsourcing. The needs for Back-office vary according to the organizational size and industry. Our outsourcing model helps you with below:


Time and Cost-Efficiency

Back-office functions are quite expensive due to overhead expenses for facilities, tools, and technological infrastructures. Outsourcing to TeamSource makes your back-office operations to be both time and cost-efficient. We provide the facilities, equipment (such as computers, accessories, and internet providers), and the hiring process including trainings. Its undebatable that businesses can save valuable resources as opposed to having an internal back-office.

Getting Experts

It is our business to use the most up-to-date technological resources to get highly-skilled people equipped to provide quality services. Remote talents (as we call it at TeamSource) know how to utilize the necessary tools needed in the industry they work in. This is achievable because we tend to hire qualified people for specific roles, with extensive in-house training and seminars.


. We want you to focus on core competencies. While you concentrate on the main areas of the business, we at our end provide the back-office all the support they need.


Once your company grows, TeamSource as your outsourcing vendor will handle the hiring and training process for back-office operations.

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