Nigerians are natural telemarketers, because to their pleasant adjustment to cultural differences and strong English skills. Several industries have and still benefit from telemarketing, notably are;

  • Financial Institutions
  • Credit cards Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Utilities
  • Telecommunications and Internet Services
  • Lead Generation and Marketing Research

You may wonder why outsourced telemarketing services works brilliantly. Well, this is due to the fact that telemarketing abilities are highly transferable. Any seasoned telemarketer will hit the ground running with only basic training regarding the customer’s product or services. This is because they have already mastered the art and practice of engaging customers.
Unlike before where telemarketing was centered on majorly cold calling customers, more recently, telemarketers focus on warm leads due to the conversion rate realized with warm calls. It is however necessary, in preparedness, that telemarketers get the appropriate training and information about your Company, product and services to enable them deliver confidently, accurate and precise answers to your customers (current and prospective). A good and professional telemarketer is able to give spontaneous responses to customers, thereby building trust and creating relationships. During a call, a pictorial guide and FAQs gathered may be very instrumental. Telemarketers (whether outsourced telemarketers or in-shore) are encouraged to create a human connection with customers and avoid strict scripting.
To ensure that offshore telemarketers remain compliant, you’ll need to inform your telemarketing company about your country’s tele-sales and cold-calling regulations and rules.

Expected skills / qualification of Telemarketers

Depending on the experience level of the person, a Nigerian telemarketer, especially one outsourced, is expected to be fluent in English has this is one of the universally understood language. It is generally expected as well that a telemarketer in Nigeria is a university graduate, although not necessarily in Telemarketing and this does not secure a telemarketing services job. However, to ensure guaranteed success in telemarketing, the person must be able to communicate effectively in English and have a sturdy capacity for sales.
Our Nigerian Telemarketers are ranked according to their level of experience.

  • Entry: at least one (1) year experience in telemarketing
  • Intermediate: 1-3 years’ experience in telemarketing
  • Senior: 3-5 years’ experience in telemarketing
  • Expert: 5+ years’ experience in telemarketing…

 Whatever level of experience you choose, Nigerian telemarketers will offer you low-cost telemarketing. Contact TeamSource for your telemarketing services.


  • It takes a minimum of 4 weeks to secure the services of a telemarketer. You can easily get one readily available at TeamSource.
  • As earlier mentioned above, a telemarketer’s skills are easily transferable. Hence you need not panic that your favorite candidate has no experience in the particular industry or field. They can acclimatize quick to the processes of any business. Therefore, in hiring a telemarketer, let your focus be on the skills and personality (an important element that is not transferable). Once you secure a preferred one, go ahead to school in the nitty gritty or core of the services or products. This is sure to produce excellent results.
  • It might be a time consuming and difficult but not impossible task looking for a telemarketer who is an expert in your chosen industry. It can also be relatively costly toiling this path.
  • Whichever path you take in decision on your preferred candidate, it is important to establish the targets and other crucial performance criteria (e.g. KPIs) at the inception of the meetings which could be reviewed as work progresses to meet company’s expectations.
  • Also note that as motivation and incentive, a decent commission based system is set to match the metrics.


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