The Top 9 Email Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses in 2023

Is email marketing going to be important for your company in 2023? Are you trying to find the top email marketing program?

Your marketing campaign’s success may be significantly impacted by your choice of email marketing provider.

We’ll examine and contrast the top 9 email marketing solutions for small businesses in this blog.


Why Is It Important To Choose The Best Email Marketing Service?

One of the most economical marketing strategies for small businesses is email marketing. The Direct Marketing Association reports that businesses in the United States typically receive a ROI of 4300 percent from email marketing.

This is so that you may build a direct line of communication with your customers and manage your email marketing easily.

It’s critical to realize that the email marketing software you use will have a significant impact on your ability to be successful with email marketing because they are in charge of ensuring that your emails are delivered.

If you aren’t diligent, you’ll end up paying significantly more for fewer marketing options and poor email deliverability rates (which results in further financial loss).

What to Consider When Choosing an Email Marketing Tool?

You should be able to easily generate highly engaging email newsletters using a competent email marketing provider, especially one with a drag-and-drop editor.

Sending mass emails that are genuinely tailored and targeted shouldn’t take much effort. Marketing automation is another name for this.

In addition, your email marketing provider must make it simple to classify consumers into groups, manage your contact list, and track the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

A reputable email service provider will, above all else, make sure that your email campaigns do not land in the spam folder.

Having stated that, let’s examine some of the most well-known email marketing providers and see how they compare to one another.

 1. Constant Contact

One of the biggest and fastest-growing email marketing services in the world is Constant Contact. Additionally, it is the most user-friendly email marketing service for beginners.

Your email lists, contacts, email templates, marketing calendar, and more are all simple to manage.

You have access to limitless emails, simple tracking and reporting, integrated social media sharing tools, a free image library, list segmentation, Facebook ads integration, and a strong eCommerce integration for Shopify stores with each account.

Additionally, their Email Plus accounts include strong features like subject line A/B testing, email automation, drip marketing, surveys & polls, coupons, and online donations that allow you to send targeted emails to increase your open rate.

Constant Contact provides unparalleled customer service through live chat, phone calls, email, community assistance, and a vast collection of useful information.

 2. Brevo

Brevo is a complete SMS and email marketing platform for businesses that was once known as Sendinblue. They are among the email marketing platforms in Europe that are expanding the quickest.

The platform is very user-friendly and has great capabilities for building stunning, very engaging emails. For those who have never used email marketing before, their straightforward drag and drop email editor is ideal.

Brevo offers simple-to-use marketing automation solutions that let you segment consumers, send transactional emails, and set up workflows for automated follow-up emails. In order to maximize email deliverability, it can also choose the ideal time to send large quantities of emails.

Brevo offers an email marketing strategy with unlimited contacts that is entirely free. You can send up to 300 emails every day using their free plan, but all of them will bear their branding.

 3. HubSpot

One of the most well-known CRM and email marketing software programs is HubSpot.
Their email marketing solution is free to start using and includes several potent automation capabilities that are intended to help you expand your company.
With the help of their simple drag-and-drop email builder and assortment of themes, you can make a totally unique newsletter that reflects the spirit and colors of your company.
You may customize your emails for each subscriber depending on factors like device kind, country, list membership, or any other specific information you may have about the particular subscriber thanks to the direct interaction with the HubSpot CRM.

HubSpot includes all the potent features you’d anticipate from an enterprise-level email marketing platform, like send time optimization, high email deliverability, A/B testing, in-depth performance analytics, marketing automation, drip campaigns, and more.
HubSpot provides an all-in-one marketing platform with email marketing, CRM, automation workflows, sales tools, website builder, operation hub, and more, which is one of the key reasons small, medium, and corporate companies use HubSpot.

 4. Omnisend

For eCommerce companies seeking for an omni-channel marketing automation solution, Omnisend is a potent SMS and email marketing service.
Because it contains all the effective features including pre-built automated workflows, subscriber segmentation, A/B testing, performance reporting, and even SMS + online push notification, they provide one of the most generous free email marketing plans.
Unlike most other free email marketing plans, Omnisend’s free plan offers almost everything since they are confident in their value proposition. You will need to upgrade to their paid services when your contact list expands.
All of the well-known website builders and eCommerce systems, including WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, and others, are smoothly integrated with Omnisend. Additionally, they are integrated with a huge number of other business tools, such as live chat software.

The pre-built eCommerce marketing automation processes that Omnisend offers are the best feature in our opinion because they may help you increase sales. Emails like the welcome email series, cart abandonment emails, cross-sell emails, and others are included in this.

 5. Drip

For bloggers, digital marketers, and those in the eCommerce space, Drip is a potent enterprise email marketing tool. They provide a variety of solutions to make personalisation, sales funnels, and marketing automation simple.
They provide seamless connection for all well-known website builders, such as WordPress and WooCommerce, with their email software. As a result, adding pop-ups or opt-in signup forms to your website is simple, enabling you to collect more leads.
Drip’s intelligent marketing automation capabilities, better email segmenting, split testing features, list groupings, and visual drag-and-drop automation workflow builder set it apart from rivals like Campaign Monitor. With the aid of these tools, you may increase sales by reaching out to specific clients on your email list.

Drip offers a variety of help alternatives, including live chat support, webinars, automated training, in-depth courses, free guides, and exceptional documentation.
We use Drip for a number of our businesses because it enables us to send mass emails while establishing personal connections and interactions with each consumer through intelligent eCommerce marketing automation.

 6. AWeber

One of the oldest and most well-known email marketing service providers worldwide is AWeber. They provide a variety of tools for managing email marketing for small and medium-sized enterprises.
With AWeber, getting started is simple. The majority of platforms, including WordPress, are easily connected. See our comprehensive tutorial on connecting AWeber to WordPress for more information.
You have access to list management, autoresponders, a/b testing, and email tracking with in-depth insights, in addition to ready-to-use html email templates.
Other strong email marketing tools offered by AWeber include AMP emails, automatic RSS-to-email conversion for bloggers, and tag-based subscriber segmentation.
Live webinars, phone help, email support, live chat, and a sizable how-to and instructional library are all available as support alternatives.

 7. Moosend

For small enterprises, Moosend offers a cheap email marketing service. It has a variety of strong marketing automation capabilities, landing pages, and tools for building email lists.
Using one of their many pre-made email templates or by designing a totally unique template, you can rapidly build an email newsletter and adjust the email look to match your brand in just a few minutes.
The good thing about Moosend is that all of their plans include with marketing automation features. You can offer a customized subscriber journey for your email subscribers using their automated workflow designer.
You can monitor critical metrics like email openings, clicks, bounces, product views, transactions, custom event tracking, and even forecasted demographics data with Moosend’s extensive email analytics.

Powerful conversion optimization tools like A/B testing, email heatmap analytics, countdown timers, conditional content, an AI-engine for product suggestions, popup forms, floating bars, forms for newsletter subscriptions, and more are included with all plans.

 8. ConvertKit

For experienced bloggers, authors, and marketers, ConvertKit is a powerful email marketing platform. Both its usability and power are astounding.
You can effortlessly provide content upgrades and incentives with email registration forms thanks to ConvertKit’s special capability. Additionally, it has straightforward auto-responders that let you send drip emails from their emailing service.
You can quickly divide your subscriber list into interested subscribers and subscribers who have previously made a purchase using ConvertKit. Using automated emails that sound more personal can help you increase conversions. Targeted email marketing is the word used in marketing to describe this.
They have all of the potent features you’d anticipate from a top-tier email marketing service, like A/B testing, lovely email templates, a landing page builder, intelligent workflows, and more. 

ConvertKit has a robust knowledge base with excellent learning resources and offers email-based assistance.
ConvertKit is rated as the finest email marketing service for professional bloggers since it offers a number of features that are tailored exclusively for creators and bloggers.
They even added the capability to sell subscriptions and digital goods from the same platform.



 9. MailChimp

Because they offer a completely free email marketing service plan, Mailchimp is one of the most well-known email marketing service providers in the world.

The sad truth is that we cannot compile a list of the top email marketing software without include Mailchimp owing to their sheer popularity, even if we no longer recommend it because there are better options on the market.

Autoresponders, segmenting contacts into groups, a straightforward tracking system, and a drag-and-drop email builder are all included with Mailchimp. You can also set up segmenting based on geolocation and delivery times based on the time zones of your users.

WordPress, Magento, Shopify, and numerous other platforms may all be simply integrated with MailChimp. See our comprehensive guide to using WordPress if you are.

When compared to other companies on our list, like HubSpot, Drip, or ConvertKit, the Mailchimp platform is extremely constrained in terms of marketing automation tools.
Mailchimp has tried to introduce a lot of “advanced” features recently, but after testing several of them, we can say that they are not very advanced.

Support for Mailchimp is available via email, live chat, and a sizable knowledge library of training. However, compared to Constant Contact’s level of service, their customer support is frequently slow.


Make Your Emails More Deliverable

Great email deliverability rates are revealed for each of the email newsletter solutions in this post.
There are, however, a few steps you can take to guarantee that your marketing emails are always delivered.

 1. Make Use of a Business Email Address

Algorithms on email services like Gmail, Outlook, and others scan messages for spam. The email address of the sender is one of them.
It’s crucial that you use a specialist business email address for your firm rather than a generic one like as a business.
By doing this, you can ensure that your email deliverability rate exceeds the industry standard.

 2. Send Interest-based Targeted Emails

It’s crucial that you customize your emails based on user segments. You may easily divide your subscriber list into groups like most active, inactive, interested in particular themes, custom segments, etc. using email marketing software like Constant Contact and HubSpot.

This will assist your email marketing campaigns have the highest open and click-through rates, which is important for future email deliverability.

We usually advise delivering a personalized welcome email to all new subscribers before segmenting them depending on their interests.

It’s also crucial to provide users with a clear unsubscribe link so they may stop receiving your emails rather than labeling them as spam.

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